Solo/Mute/Unmute/Solo Bug

Iread somewhere on the forum that this bug was corrected …but it’s still there

step Procedure …
1.solo a track (
2.unmute another track ( now 2 tracks are solo’d) press mute again on the second track , so that the first track is solod ( like in the beginning )
Da Bug= …now we have click the unmute button twice

no one ?

I tried, both in the Pattern Editor and the Mixer, and cannot reproduce.

Can you upload a video showing the problem, or something?

I can replicate this here, but I’m not sure if we can/should fix this without changing how solo works in Renoise.

Right now solo in Renoise is nothing more than a mute of all other tracks, unlike it is on real mixer consoles or other software. Solo ideally should not mess around with mutes at all, but should be a separate level, so you can temporarily solo/unsolo a track while keeping the mute states intact.