Solo Return

Probabilly there isn’t because I can’t see from the tutorials, but I just want ask to be sure.

Is it possible with renoise to put in solo just the return device, for example a reverb so I can equalize better, without listen the original track + send device ?

If you solo a ‘send bus’ (such as S01) every track seems to be muted, making the solo button on send busses quite pointless it seems (im still learning this program so i may be wrongs as usual)

After the following waffle… there is a solution to your problem at the bottom, but for others who may be new to the concept of busses…

The send devices on the Track DSPs have the option of ‘mute source’, or ‘keeping source’ (these options are above the ‘send amount bar’.

From the tutorial…

Mute source - The current track will not be heard during play when the send-track is being muted.

Keep source - The current track will be played during playmode even if the send-track is muted. Though the configured effects will not be applied in this last case.

(i dont think the above really explains the function very well of this cleary so…)

In practical use, the send devices can be used in two ways when compared to other audio suites.

  1. as an effect send device (keep source- selected) for things such as reverbs and delays.

  2. For group mixing (mute source- selected) example… routing drums and bass tracks to a single fader, to adjust their overall volume without having to adjust each individual track.
    When used in this manner, personally i would push the send amount to its fullest level and do the group mix on each tracks volume fader (obvious with the fader mixing- but crank up the send amount) group mixing is useful as (one good example)it means you can route all your drums through a single compressor effect.

Anyhow… a workaround to your problem.
if you solo the track you are sending the effect from - and then click its DSP send devices-‘mute source’, the result will be listening to the send effects buss in isolation.


I always touched the keep sourcing… Now after ur post I tryed again muting source and now I can equalize better all the group of rythms as I wanted. thanks mate

I wonder how many times in the future i’ll forget to switch it back to ‘keep source’ and wonder why the track isn’t playing :w00t:

nahhh I was doing that to have a better idea of equalization of the rythms reverb group during the mix of the track I’m doing with a friend of mine… :walkman: