something rather unimportant…

i don’t get how the solo / un-solo works

but i’m sure, it’s absolutely well thought out

the fl-studio active/solo selection algo is easier. :(
it’s like solo one thing, unsolo it and then definitely all channels are active again, in fact there’s only one state to change, like channel->muted

on the other hand renoise
errr it’s like there’s channel->soloed and channel->muted
or so

You can change it.

Preferences -> Plugins/Misc -> buttons at the bottom of the window

What Corticyte said.

The default is “old-school” tracker solo/un-solo, which allows you to right-click any scope to quickly listen to just that track, and enable tracks on-by-one.
The other (newer) mode was introduced to have a solo which is closer to how other DAW’s (and hardware mixing consoles) behave.

And also: there are two separate ways that a track can be solo’ed:
MUTE - All sound is stopped immediately, but audio will continue immediately after being un-soloed (IOW, sound is just temporarily cut off).
OFF - Instruments receive a note-off, so they can go through their release phase / fade out. When un-soloed, no sound is produced until the next note arrives.

No matter which mode you choose as the default, you can shift-click a scope to toggle the mute state using the alternate method.
Of course, you can also use the mixer, and use keyboard shortcuts to toggle mute and solo…

Thanks a lot!