Solution To Advanced Edit : Modify : Delay

Currently, any Advanced Edit > Vol/Pan/Delay/FX > Modify adjustments made to note delays ignore values that extend beyond the ticks-per-line limit. If an out-of-bounds modification is attempted, the delay value will stop at its minimum or maximum value (00 and FF respectively). This is restrictive to user creativity due to the wide range of possible modifications that may extend beyond the tick limit.

Food for thought: The Advanced Edit > Notes > Nudge feature is not bound to the aforementioned tick limit. If you want to apply a negative delay that’s represented in your pattern, Nudge: Up does exactly that; Nudge: Down for unbound positive adjustments. In each case, If the value extends beyond the tick-per-line limit, the note is moved to the appropriate line, sets the appropriate delay value, and will even append a note column to avoid overlapping a preexisting note.

Problem: Modify: Delay has a wide selection of features (i.e. Set/Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide/Humanize), though utilizing their full potential is handicapped by being limited to 1 line/256 ticks. Note: Nudge is not bound to the 1 line/256 tick limit, but lacks the additional features of Modify: Delay. The issue is rooted in this; Note: Nudge and Modify: Delay are fundamentally the same feature.

Solution: Note: Nudge and Modify: Delay both perform the same fundamental task of adjusting a note’s position at the tick level. Note: Nudge demonstrates that tick adjustment is (1) not bound to the note’s current line, and (2) exception-handling behaviors already exist for position modifications that extend beyond the note’s current line. If the unbound behavior of Nudge is applied to Modify: Delay, the user is allowed: negative value modifications not limited upon reaching 00, positive value modifications greater than ff, and general unbound use of all modify features.


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(Since scripting I have hardly been in the advanced edit, this reminds me to try and use it more often, incorporate it in my workflow)