Solve the Puzzle and win a CD

So here is a little puzzle for you guys, solve it, and I will send you this exact CD shown on picture with some other stuff as a prize to 5 fastest people to solve this puzzle!

It is 8 x 8 sliding puzzle, so it is quite a challenge. Nobody has solved it yet, but I will keep it updated and let you know if somebody solves it.

The final picture should look like this:

For those too lazy to solve, you can purchase the CD here:

Givin’ it a shot!

These things are super easy to solve, but also super tedious! With an 8x8 grid? Daaaamn :)

Not hard, but it will definitely take a lot of clicks!



I had half of it solved and accidentally closed my f*%king browser tab, haha.

Damn thing!


Ah well, I was only doing it for fun anyway. I’d give the CD to someone else if I did complete it.

Yes it’s not very hard to solve it if you know the strategy, but the fact it uses image instead of numbers also adds to the the complexity. So good luck. :)

I used to be good at these as a kid. Last few times I’ve tried and I’ve struggled a bit with far smaller ones! You haven’t been ultra cheeky and done an impossible layout have you? ;)

Last row :(/>

I rechecked my algos, just in case. Now they are guaranteed to be solvable at least.

Last two tiles :’(

Fuuuu, why did I never learn to solve these devlish things?!

I think the problem might be you stumbled upon unsolvable puzzle. I guess my original algorithms were actually wrong and in some cases it created unsolvable one. :(

I fixed it and all puzzles are solvable now.

8x8 so 64 squares, minus the one space = 63 tiles. Imagine they are numbers from top left, travelling along the row to 8, then down and along the next row 9-16 etc. If you can make it so that the last two tiles, 62 & 63, are swapped around this generally means it is unsolvable…

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat… So I’ve been clicking an unsolvable puzzle for an hour now :panic:/>

sobs in corner

Looks like that. But if you PM me your address, I’ll mail you the CD anyway. :)

Or if you want to try again, then reload and the puzzle should always be solvable now.

Solved :)

Solved it, mailed you :w00t:/>
Thanks for teaching me how to slidingpuzzle :lol:/>

Some stats :)

td6d: 1122 moves
kazakore: 1720 moves

Solved :)

I would have had it earlier but I started from the wrong corner and had to reset the whole thing.

Solved it.

Din: 1808 moves
Hyaenaboy: 2872 moves

BTW, I am guessing the connections. There is one extra solver who hasn’t sent me his address.

You should’ve had a timer in there too :D

Yeah, I wish I had a timer! :(

On the good news, I have shipped all the CDs and sent download codes to those who didn’t make it in top 5.

Thanks everyone!