[Solved 2.7.2] Renoise 2.7.1 Still Unable To Handle A Lot Of Input Not

[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]problem is still present in renoise 2.7.1
Especially noticeable when using a longer pattern ( more then 128 lines ) , after 128 lines renoise is still unable to register my recordings accurately , lagging like hell …even at a modest tempo of 120 bpm , lpb 8 , recording a bassline at moderate speed is a NO GO
The fix for 2.7.1 is not really a fix , as it only works for short patterns , what bugging me the most is that the taskmanager cpu is still showing a lot of cpu activity after recording some notes ( just 1 active track with no vst’s , just a sample based instrument )
Some posts above taktik says that it’s only a gui problema , it is not .
I really hope a defenitive fix is in the pipeline and not for a major upgrade , one of the most important features of a recording program is not working properly , the ability to record your playings live with a human feel , I remember when renoise 2.0 was released and the note delay function was introduced , renoise is now able to record exactly what you played ,
We need a defenitive fix for this , not some workaround , I suggest making the 'one step undo ’ feature user definable in the options menu …and that it puts no strain on the cpu
Really …I am so frustrated about this …

I can understand your frustration if you rely heavily on live recording your notes and the lag is there, I wonder though why you seem to be the only one complaining. Surely more people from all of the registered users record their solo’s etc and have come across the problem?

Not just through your last thread and trying it out, bombing Renoise with notes, but through actually making music.

The gui problem is at least partially true. If you e.g. exchange the pattern editor for the mixer during play, this has influence on how much data Renoise should update on the screen, specially if you focus on the large diskbrowser when no activity is visible.
This difference is best noticable on netbooks.

So you’re saying he should record the notes while having the diskop maximized? I don’t know if the OP uses a netbook, but that explains a lot, imo not worthy to use as serious music making machines.

hmmm, cant help there.
but maybe its slipped throu the beta- process because most people write their tunes with the computer- keyboard… hence “using a tracker”.
wouldnt it be impossible to record exactly what youve played because renoise isnt tickless?!
i never thought of using renoise to record notes (midi) but live played audio.

i dont remember… but there are a few vsti that let you record midi into phrase/loop tracks. and yeah would be just some ugly workaround…

Basically, I think the whole note input (whether from MIDI or PC keyboard) could need a thorough examination, fixing the glitches that have gone unnoticed so far. I just did your ‘note-input test’ again (recording lots of notes into blank patterns with different lengths and LPB). 128 lines is no problem, 256 is (on my machine, lagging start 2/3 into the pattern), but it also depend on the BPM and LPB values: the more notes entered before the undo buffer is cleared, the higher chance of lagging. But as before, you still have to keep up an input rate which is very high, or the buffer will reset and the problem go away by itself.

So, if your machine is behaving anything like mine (on some machines this whole thing seem to be a non-issue), I’d suggest that you work on patterns no more than 128 lines when recording (join them afterwards if you need it), and/or keep the BPM/LPB high. And yeah, while this is a workaround, and workarounds suck when dealing with something so essential as this, I think recording went from unacceptable to tolerable with the quick fix in Renoise 2.7.1 - at least, we are now able to record ‘rapid-input’ of notes for as many minutes as we like, if we know how to set up Renoise beforehand.

I actually use a MIDI keyboard m-Audio Oxygen, that is connected to my desktop computer with a USB cable

My first tests with renoise & MIDI recordings were failures I had to rework lots of notes in my patterns,
i.e : I had to move up or down notes, or I had to tweak some note delays,
what was simply boring.

For now, with higher pattern & song settings, for example,

  • 384 Lines / Pattern,
  • 170 BPM
  • 12 LPB
  • Chord mode
    Renoise 2.7.1 give me quite acceptable results.

I even don’t try anymore with lower settings.

I am not using a netbook , just an old 2.8 ghz single core laptop
Recording from keyboard ( blak white keys :) and from actual pc laptop , result is the same …
Thing that this annoyance is introduced in renoise 2.7 , renoise 2.6 behaves perfectly when recording notes , and I am not talking about bombing it with notes, just some melodies at a fairly moderate speed , depending on the bpm of the song , recording live in a 512 line pattern at lpb 8 , bpm 140 …introduces lagging and increases ( taskmanager ) cpu meter , and I am pretty sure that’s because otf the new undo feature .
Reason for my frustration is because this is really making renoise unusable for me when I am in the mood forlive recording ( and lately this happens a lot :) ,every other function is working like a charm .
So please taktik , make the undo feature optional in the preferences , pleas please please , so I can get back to making music

That is exactly what I mean , the recording buffer eats up serious amount of system memories , clock speed …renoise Never behaved like that , and that’s why I love it ( 2.6 :).

I can’t , even when I am using short 128 pattern lines , when doing fast recordings , the buffer doesn’t get cleared when it switches to a new pattern and notes are still being recorded

I am bumping this one ( sorry )
@ taktik , could you shed some light on this issue , what is to be expected , will there be a defenitive fix for this , or do we have settle with the workaround ? , I don’t want to come over as a crybaby ( probably am )

ground control to major taktik , any more info on this ???

Sorry for the lag. Haven’t forgotten about this, but I’m really not sure if that’s now a super urgent real-life problem that we have to fix immediately, or more a “theoretical” issue? The pattern split we do in 2.7.1 should do the job just fine in most cases. Also so far no one except you seemed to really care about this?

Right now Renoise splits MIDI recording undo:

  • when pausing the recording (stop playing new notes) for about a second -> new “take”
  • when reaching a new pattern (or looping back in the current pattern)

Is this problem something you really deal with everyday, or does it only bother you that Renoise does something like this in “theory”?

yeah taktik , it is indeedn a problem I deal with on daily basis , I just can’t record like I used to do in renoise 2.6 , Not talking about bombing it with notes , but just some 8 th , 16 th notes on an average 120 bpm , lpb 8 .
The problem more or less gets solved when using short patterns , but when, the complexity of the songe arises ( more trackes ) the lagging reappears even when using short patterns
What’s so friustrating about this all is that renoise 2.6 worked like a charm , but now , I find myself booting up renoise less frequently because of this issue , and I really really want to keep using renoise ,there just is no substitute for it .
So is there any reason why this global undo feature which is the cause of this problem can’t be just a user defined preference , so renoise get s back to it’s current 2.6 state of flawlessly recording notes and no lagging .
Also , the fact that this recordiing buffer buffer is creating a significant increase in cpu overhead ( shown in taskmanager ) issomething to worry about .
Pretty please with a loooooooooooooott ( I really mean a lot ) of sugar on TOP , fix this …make the feature user defined .
Thanks dear 'uber developer ’ ♪♪ :)

gentleclockdivider -
are you certain the drivers for your midi device are current? What is your midi input device connecting through? What type of midi interface?

I’ve seen this thread come and go and get brought up to the top but I have had absolutely zero timing issues with recording “A lot of input notes” in renoise 2.7x… I’m running renoise in AVLinux, win7, xp and OS 10.5.8 on a G5… I’ll keep an eye out for this issue but I can’t say I’ve shared this experience.

I’m using an emu xboard as a midi kb controller (plugged into the computer via USB)… also using a motu MTPAV to play keys on a kurzweil sp76… again no lag through the MTP, I also dont experience any latency issues with recording notes through my midisport2x2…

Do you have another system to test this against? what OS are you running renoise on?

My system is verry stable , running windows xp service pack 2 ,no crackie hackie software … edirol ua 25 audio interface uising usb port to pc but olsdkool midi port to nord modular and roland midi controller , roland pc 180 midi keyboard , getting around 4 ms of latency .
Like I said before , my laptop is old ( 2.6 ghz single core ) but I have been running renoise on it since 1.9 , never had any problems or midi lagging …renoise 2.6 recorded flawleslly …I could bomb it with notes for minutes and abslotely no lagging
The problem appeared when renoise 2.7 added the global undo feature , and I am not the only one experiencing these problems , the note lagging has already been confirmed by other members like danoise ( developers team )…but It seems that I am the only one making a big problem out of it …
So it really is not because of my system configuration .
I would be willing to pay taktik to remove the global undo feature for my own registerd copy of renoise so I can get back to making music .
Taktik , sorry for al the whinig , but is it hard to change the undo feature to an optional preference ?

Sounds more like the change should be optional.
What about the idea of every fundamental change that is being altered, having a hidden boolean parameter in the config.xml that can be set (to revert to the old behavior) in case of these problems during the next Beta?
In that case, the old behavior can be quickly turned on and we can also swiftly test if the new behavior is actually the culprit.

…just played around w/ recording data into renoise w/ 2.7. did it flawless in 2.6. as well does it flawlessly in 2.7. tracks fast drum rolls (using v-drums) and press rolls as well all subtle human nuances. i always record with an LPB of 16 and dont use any quantize features.

this sounds pretty sensible to me. good idea.

having to wait for another update , just to adress thiss issue .?

Serious , c’ mon ?

There’s a hidden option to control this behavior now in Renoise 2.7.2: Open config.xml with a text editor while not running Renoise, look for:


Setting it to 0 will disable the undo batch recording thing completley, smaller values (milliseconds) will create more undo steps, batch less events together.
gentleclockdivider: would be great if you could test this, if that’s really the problem. If not, we have to dig deeper…