[Solved] 4Front Rhode 2.0 Au Gui Misplacement

Hello Renoisers,

I don’t know if you have found this little gem on internet, but it’s worth checking: 4Front Rhodes 2.0 have some problems displaying interface in Renoise. I have tried with other AU and VST hosts, and it looks just fine in them. Problem happens only with AudioUnit version of a plugin in Renoise. Please, have a look:

Horizontal controls are below sliders, so it’s quite hard to work with them. It looks like overlay is misplaced, but plugin functions itself. Running it on Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and macbook 3.1.


Hello kejkz,

would be great if you could report this to the 4Front devs. I think this is nothing we can fix, but has to be fixed in the plugin.

Ok, will do!


Just to report that in latest Renoise (2.7) this plugin works now as expected! I don’t know if Renoise team have changed something, but it works now, GUI is drawn in full :D