[Solved] Akai Mpk49 Hangs Renoise

Renoise freezes when loading the first song while the MPK49 is on my laptop.
When I unplug the MPK49 it works again. mostly when I close renoise, plug it back in, reload Renoise, it does work all of the sudden.

some thing that might help to solve the problem:

  • I do not have this behavior on my desktop
  • to rule out if the MPK49 uses to much power I went out and bought an adapter.
  • my signature for the specs


Do you have any other devices such as a mouse or keyboard plugged into your laptop? If so have you tried using only the controller and no other USB peripherals?

If this doesn’t change anything then it’s likely not a hardware issue (to rule that out). There may be some issue with the driver and the USB bus polling if you are using another USB peripheral which will almost always be on the same root USB hub on a laptop.

Just to check have you checked for updates on your MPK’s drivers and whatnot?

Could indeed be a chipset issue (USB controller). I doubt the desktop PC has the same chipset as the laptop.
Btw, 256GB on a GPU controller? i should ask my Nvidia vendor why he only put a lousy 1GB on my GT9800 :P

I tried to run renoise with only the MPK49 attached to the laptop and it runs fine! thanks for the suggestion.
I got the latest updates, my guess is I get me a USB IO express card to divide the peripherals over more chipsets?

Or perhaps use the single usb port on the topleft side of your laptop if your laptop has one. Usually this is also the 5-volt autonome port (where you can keep charging your cellphones etc. if your laptop is turned off) and might have its own USB bus.

I went out and got me a nice USB 3.0 ExpressCard.
Now Everything is just fine!

Thank you all for the suggestions!

Not a problem. :) Upvote is appreciated. ;) (if only there was rep on this site for that, however)

Thems jigga-bytes!