[SOLVED] Aliases: How To Use 8 Row Alias In 64 Row Pattern?

Hi. Here’s my question. How could a short alias be used in a long pattern so that it plays throughout the long pattern?

8 row alias would thus play like a loop across all the 512 rows of the larger pattern, and if you change the 8 row pattern to 16 rows of length, the 512 row pattern will react accordingly.

And how would you incorporate it into Renoise? Without being allowed to have tracks of different lengths within the Sequencer/Matrix I don’t see how this can done and kept neat and tidy. I mean in terms of visual representation and setting it up.

(Edit: without, not with.)

I could script that quite easily if you like :)

joule, that’d be absolutely wonderful :)

It turns out being too slow to do by lua. I think it needs to be done natively, but then maybe it’s better to wait for proper clips?

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sounds promising :)

this sounds like a request for the Phrase system.

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