[Solved] Am I Entitled To Install Renoise On Two Machines?

Hi everyone,

I’ve purchased a license to Renoise and was wondering whether it is allowed by the terms (or not) to install it with my details on two different machines.

I wanted to install the windows version on my desk computer and the linux version on my notebook for some “Renoising” on the go.

Thanks in advance.

as long as you are the only phisical person using your legit copy of Renoise, there is no problem in doing that: the license is personal, meaning that you can install your software on any number of computers and operating system you want, provided that you are the user allowed to use it

Cool. I really dislike per-machine licenses.

Goes without saying, but I bought Renoise because it ticked the main boxes for me when it comes to paying for software: it’s a great product, it’s affordable and I feel I’m contributing to something not (very) evil :stuck_out_tongue:

So, bottom line, no. I’m not planning on letting anyone else use it (it’s MIINEEE) ;)