[solved] Any knowledge to help with FL Studio 9 and Renoise?


I have FL Studio and there’s lots of Wav’s I’d like to use with Renoise, problem is, if I copy and paste those Wav’s Renoise fails to open them.

For Example I want to have all FPC drum Wav’s which are in FL Studio to build some drum sets…

Copy and paste doesn’t do and Rewire is not a solution neither.

Does anyone has some helpful tips ?

Can you open them in any other program?

Aren’t they just located somewhere in the Image-Line folder?

I can open them with windows media player and also are located at image-line folder but no matter from where I copy and paste renoise fails to open wavs for reading.

Why copy and paste? Can you not just browse to the location within Renoise’s Disk Op and open them as normal? Or drag and drop them onto the program?

I can browse to the location and d n d but in both cases still fails to open

Hokke is right. I own FL Studio 10 Producer Edition and those .wav files from FL Studio’s FPC can’t be opened. This is the error Renoise raises:

I’m going to investigate a bit more and see if there are any subtle differences. By the way, I’m using Win7 SP1.

EDIT: I can’t even open those .wav files with Windows Media Player or my usual music player app either.
EDIT 2: OK, question. It turns out that the files’ data is actually Vorbis encapsulated inside a WAV. Renoise can handle normal OGGs and WAVs, but maybe it can’t handle hybrids like that?

My guess is they might not be Windows format PCM files, which most people assume something in the wav container format is going to be.

Have you tried a RAW Import? What about interrogating the file with GSpot or CCCP Insurgent (not positive either of those does audio only or Wav but worth a try.)

Maybe upload one of the smallest files so other people can have a look? Although I believe that would be technically illegal so the moderators might remove it from the site. As it’s only a very small sample, not their whole pack, they might let you get away with it.

What actually are the T&C for use with these samples? Once you’ve bought the licence for FLoops does the EULA state you can use them in any way you wish?

(EDIT: Interrogating not Integrating. Although you have got the answer to the question now anyway.)

Yeah the files are WAV-encapsulated OGGs. Maybe Renoise doesn’t know how to deal with that? :huh:

This seems a proprietary format which no other program than the originating software supports.
What happens if you change the file extension to .ogg?

I was gonna say that! ;)

:o Turns out Renoise eats it up and loads/plays it without a hitch.
The format itself should not be proprietary, since WAVE is a container and the usual combo is WAVE/PCM, but it turns out that those FL samples are WAVE/OGG. I can be perfectly confused though.

I finally could play them with my usual music player because in FL Studio\System\Installers\VorbisACM there is a… codec? Driver? In any case an installable .inf (plus corresponding driver file) so your system recognizes the special format (even though Renoise still won’t). Turns out it’s a driver dating back to 2001. :blink:

Here’s the screenshot of the music player reporting it as wave/ogg (renaming it to .ogg extension bears no change in the format reported)

They probably have some propriety chunk in the header with other programs are not allowed to add to their decode table and thus you have to use a different method to discover it’s an ogg file ;)

And how about converting them with Audacity or sth?

Hm good idea, turns out Audacity opens them alright too; but if renaming them to .ogg makes Renoise load them without complaints I guess that’s a faster way to “convert” them. ^_^

Either that, or the FL studio developer was lazy to save the file with the correct extension. The point with WAV is:There are already various different formats of those so the whole processing engine in Renoise is aimed to figure out various known structures of WAV without looking if it might be another type of file because you can’t expect an ogg vorbis file in a wav. I consider it quite a pointless action of the FL developers to pollute the .WAV structure with yet more proprietary content while there is an extension already available for the format.
Either way, what they try to do doesn’t work anyway if they wanted to have these files used exclusively for FL studio.

even more cynical: a person might conclude they were trying to head off complaints about distributing compressed content.

Seems to work like this,—> Sample (wav) to FL’s Edison, then “save sample as” and after that Renoise can play the Wav.


Yeah that’s true indeed, one rather don’t like the idea of samples being saved with a lossy format. Actually using Ogg for that is quite a poor choice. They could have chosen FLAC instead.

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