[solved] Artifacts during automat of parameters in synthmaster 2


I experience weird extra noises glitches artefacts during automatisation of the Synthmaster 2.6.1 VST on the OSX. I contacted already author of the plugin, waiting for answer.

But maybesome is using perhaps synthmaster here?

If yes, can you check this file http://dev.bluszcz.net/music/presets/renoise/renoise-synthmaster-2-6-1-automatation-of-vst/view and tell me if you experience some artifacts like here?

Thanks :)


Answer from a developer of Synthmaster:

SynthMaster 2.5 VST/AU Software synthesizer
This looks like a buffering issue. Does Renoise use fixed size buffers when processing audio?

Hm, huh?

OK, I tried to turn off the PDC and now it works without glitches. Not sure why Synthmaster has a glitches with PDC, other synths no…

Take a look at the plugin compatibility settings:

(Click the [?] button in the plugin instrument settings, just above the Auto Suspend button)

Try enabling the option “Use static processing buffers” for Synthmaster.

Seems to work flawlessly now! Thanks.