[solved] Asus Laptop + Guitar Rig Mobile + Renoise

Bit odd.

I have a brand new laptop (asus/intel core duo/2gb ram).

Just bought a nice shiny new soundcard (NI guitar rig mobile/usb IO)

Fired up renoise last night to try n see how far it could be pushed before the glitch appeared. Turns out just hitting a few notes caused the system to struggle. Doesnt make any sense. I had ASIO4All installed before getting this NI soundcard and it was doing a better job!

Before you ask:

  • I have set the Audio setting to use the NI Asio driver
  • I have fiddled with the latency settings to see if that made any difference. It makes some but still the system struggles even on the demo tracks shipped with renoise
  • I have no virus ware on my machine that might be hogging resource.

Any ideas chaps?

Sounds like me trying to run Renoise on a Ubuntu machine :D

Does this happen only in renoise? Have you tried it with other software?

I havent actually checked it with any other DAW so I cant comment on that.

I seem to have managed to get it to run smooth with settings:

USB Buffer - 4ms
Audio Buffer - 32ms

Any lower and i get drop-outs/glitches.

32ms seems a little slow to me… :(

OK Fixed it. What a result

Turns out all i needed to do was disable my network connections

(Start -> Settings -> Network Connections -> Right-Click all network connections and choose Disable)

I’m now getting silky smooth playback and performance with nice low latency.

Very happy indeed!!

What kind of network drivers are used? in particular i would test which one would cause the hassle.
Sometimes there is a firewire network device which most don’t use, that one can be disabled for sure.
Then you can also look at your network card’s driver settings what it does with the speed-rate, is it set to auto or a fixed rate like 10Mbit or 100Mbit (or perhaps even 1000mBit). Setting these values to a fixed rate stops the card from polling for improving speed opportunities and also relaxes the system a bit.
Or is it the wireless NIC? almost every laptop has a simple button on front or the rear led-panel that allows you to turn off all wireless communications devices (including Bluetooth).
That saves you from having to manually enable / disable the card in the software.

Hey thats incredibly good advice vV.

Thanks very much. I’ll look into that now