[solved: audio latency] Renoise 1.9.0 And 1.9.1 Load Songs Slower than

I noticed how in Renoise 1.9.0 the songs seem to take too long to load. Same behavior in 1.9.1 (both unregistered versions). I also have 1.8.0 and it loads the same songs MUCH faster. Also renoise now loads slower and it seems like everything is slower. I have these 3 versions installed at the same time and I noticed that they seem to share preferences. Can this be the source of trouble?
I’m not sure, but this may have started when I recently installed 1.9.1.
Am I the only one with this problem?

Thanks in advance,

About which times/time differences are we talking here. Seconds or minutes?

Does this only happen with songs that have a big bunch of VSTs?

Could you please upload such a 1.8 song so that we all can take a look at this?

We are talking about ten times longer than before.
I just installed 1.9.1 here on work, and it works dandy. I’ll have a sniff when I’m back home to try and see what’s causing the trouble (uninstalling older versions, deleting prefs etc).

If you say that everything is slower especially check the audio buffer sizes (latency). Loading time and other GUI response times depend on this. Should be only noticable with really huge latencies though…

Apparently my latency was cranked up in 1.9.1 for some reason and now it seems to be even slightly faster than 1.9.0. Yay!
Also I figured 1.8 was much faster cause it used .rns instead of compressed .xrns :P
My own songs now load acceptably fast, but for instance ‘ride the lightning’ takes a full minute to load. I kinda found it a bit long for a 700kb file. Maybe that’s normal for my 1733MHz Athlon?

If it is then my problems are solved, and I’m sorry to have caused trouble,
thanks once more, and case closed.

the demo songs have their samples compressed to OGG, so this can require a bit to load because of OGG decompression, whch can be time-consuming