[solved] Audio Units Issue

Hello everyone, first post. My search didn’t lead me to any results so I thought I’d ask…

I’ve installed a few plug-ins (the components) into: Macintosh HD > Libraries > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components. (magical8bit, quadrasid demo, crystal, Izotope vinyl) The izotope vinyl shows up in the bottom left under AU’s, works no problem. But the others are no where to be found. Renoise verifies that I have 4au instuments at start up, but I cant find them in the instruments folder at the top. Only the native instruments are showing up.

Am I doing something wrong? Doing my best to RTFM, but as far as I know I’m doing things correctly. These same plug-ins show up when I load logic 8 with no problems. This is my third day using/learning Renoise, would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

The top? You need to look at the bottom.

Look for them in the Instruments Settings tab, not the DSP list, or at the top.

See: http://tutorials.renoise.com/Renoise/PluginInstruments

Thanks my friend, that was my problem. :unsure: