[solved] Bpm Via Global Fx Command > 255 (&ff)

Is it possible, to set bpm to anything higher than &FF with a “in-song” command?

no, it is not possible. but you can set the Lines Per Beat using command F1xx, where xx is the number of the lines. this way, you can go way over 255BPM

Ah ok. Thanks!

you can actually go so fast that single hits turn into a continuous rising tone haha… if we had pattern loop and automatable speed, I’d never make music again I guess, just sit there giggling like a fool :D


No, seriously, this is exactly my intention (well, sort of…)
I have a spoken phrase, which, when played very (very) fast turns into a rhythm, and I want to slow it down continuously until the words can be understood.

I will try it with the LPB Command…