[solved] Building an env follower that reacts on midi note


I tried a lot with the signal follower device, but its not really satisfying since the device has no sustain phase and the the target range is dependent on the input sensitivity.

I would like to build something that reacts on any note in a track and triggers a custom Lfo curve that is synced to the beat. Would device(s) should I use to get one impulse on a note for restarting the Lfo?

And can I disable the looping of the Lfo ?

You can use either a Key Tracker or a Velocity Tracker which is connected to the Reset parameter of your LFO. In this case where you probably always want to reset the LFO to its starting position, you should also set the Key/Velocity Tracker’s Min and Max parameters to 0%.

When the LFO is in Custom mode, you can toggle the One Shot button.

Give this a try:
4998 dblue-2014-05-08-lfo-env-follower.xrns

I personally always use a key/velocity tracker linked to an LFO for these sidechain-like purposes. I prefer this type of control to the signal follower, which obviously reacts very differently based on the sound you feed it. If I want to change my kick sample later, for example, then the signal follower might respond completely differently to the new kick sample than it did with the old one. By using a *tracker linked an LFO, I can guarantee that I get the exact same output every time.

Thanks a lot dblue. This is real support!