[SOLVED] Calling vV, or anyone who knows how to copy sample from Note-On Layer to Note-Off Layer?

Is there a way of copying a sample from the Note-On Layer to the Note-Off Layer using LUA API, or has that been misplaced by the API altogether? :open_mouth:
I used to have a functioning script that would let me copy samples from note-on layer to note-off layer and even change the pitch, which was amazing. @vvoois wrote it i think. i tried to modify it to work with Renoise 3 but it doesn’t seem to.
here’s what i’m working with

--vV's wonderful sample keyzone noteon/noteoff copier + octave transposition for note-off:
local NOTE_ON = renoise.Instrument.LAYER_NOTE_ON
local NOTE_OFF = renoise.Instrument.LAYER_NOTE_OFF

local function copy_note_layers(source_layer,target_layer,offset)
  local instrument = renoise.song().selected_instrument_index
  --delete target layers prior to copying (to prevent overlays)
  if #renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[target_layer] > 0 then
    --Note that when using the delete_sample_mapping, the index is changing on-the-fly
    --So you have to remove the mappings from the last to the first entry instead of vice versa.
    --Else you get errors half-way.
    for i = #renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[target_layer],1,-1  do
      renoise.song().instruments[instrument]:delete_sample_mapping_at(target_layer, i)
  for i = 1,#renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer] do

    local base_note = renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer][i].base_note
    local map_velocity_to_volume = renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer][i].map_velocity_to_volume
    local note_range = renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer][i].note_range
    local sample_index = renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer][i].sample
--    local use_envelopes = renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer][i].use_envelopes
    local velocity_range = renoise.song().instruments[instrument].sample_mappings[source_layer][i].velocity_range
    local oct_base_note=nil
    renoise.song().instruments[instrument]:insert_sample_mapping(target_layer, sample_index,oct_base_note,note_range,velocity_range)

local function norm() copy_note_layers(NOTE_ON, NOTE_OFF, 0) end
local function octdn() copy_note_layers(NOTE_ON, NOTE_OFF, 12) end
local function octup() copy_note_layers(NOTE_ON, NOTE_OFF, -12) end
local function octdntwo() copy_note_layers(NOTE_ON, NOTE_OFF, 24) end
local function octuptwo() copy_note_layers(NOTE_ON, NOTE_OFF, -24) end

renoise.tool():add_menu_entry{name="--Sample Mappings:Paketti..:Copy Note-On to Note-Off Layer +12", invoke = octup}
renoise.tool():add_menu_entry{name="Sample Mappings:Paketti..:Copy Note-On to Note-Off Layer +24", invoke = octuptwo}
renoise.tool():add_menu_entry{name="Sample Mappings:Paketti..:Copy Note-On to Note-Off Layer", invoke = norm}renoise.tool():add_menu_entry{name="Sample Mappings:Paketti..:Copy Note-On to Note-Off Layer -12", invoke = octdn}
renoise.tool():add_menu_entry{name="Sample Mappings:Paketti..:Copy Note-On to Note-Off Layer -24", invoke = octdntwo}

got it solved.

  1. create empty sample slot
  2. select newly created sample slot
  3. copy sample from slot1 to slot2
  4. change slot2 layer to 2
  5. change [2][1] sample pitch to +12 +24 0 -12 or -24 depending on what is required.

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