[solved] Can no longer play chords on computer keyboard

Hey lads & lasses

So up until today I was able to jam around on my computer keyboard in Renoise, playing many chords (most computer keyboards block certain simultaneous keypresses), but right now I can’t seem to play any. For instance, tapping Z, C & B at the same time would previously have caused a C-major chord to come out of my speakers, but now it just plays one of the three notes. I know I can input them into a sequence by tapping the notes individually and holding down SHIFT, but it’s nice to audition patches quickly by hitting a few chords before sequencing anything.

More worryingly, if I play a song containing a multi-column track with some chords in it, sometimes the bass note just plays for a fraction of a second and only the upper two notes sound. If I stop and start playback, it returns to normal, for a while at least. Renoise seems to occasionally lose polyphony for me.

Not sure why this behaviour has only just started to happen, but it’s rather odd. Have I inadvertantly changed some keyboard setting, do you think? But then that wouldn’t explain the multi-column tracks acting up.

Any help gratefully received. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T520 i7 running Windows 7.

Just press Ctrl + `

Just to expand on what lwpss said, the thing you’re looking for is “Chord Mode”, which you can toggle via the piano keys icon in the Pattern Editor Control Panel (or the key binding, obviously).

You pair of legends - THANK YOU so much! May flights of angels sing you to your rest.

Back in the game. Boy, do I feel like a doofus. Probably should have posted this in the Beginners’ section…

I can’t see the “Chord Mode” in version 3.

Thanks for teaching me how to do it

You can now set this for each instrument in 3.0 by toggling the ‘Mono’ property, to change between monophonic and polyphonic modes.


Alright, understood that regarding the instrument.

However, I think my confusion has been related to the polyphony related to the tracks. I am unable to send multiple notes to the same instrument from different tracks. Is this possible?