[SOLVED] Can Virtual Keyboard -> Pitchbend "Macro Mapping" be mapped to a Modulation item?

Hi, can I use LUA API to map the Virtual Keyboard Pitchbend, to, say, ya know, the Pitch control in the Modulation?

I don’t really understand this stuff:

-- Access the MIDI pitch-bend macro
 -> [returns renoise.InstrumentMacro]

-- Access the MIDI modulation-wheel macro
 -> [returns renoise.InstrumentMacro]

Ok I get that i can access the pitchbend_macro, and i can even get info as to where it is mapped, but can i make it be mapped to something?

there’s even a method: mapping but i don’t know how to access it

i mean i’m getting this

-- Macro mappings, target parameters.
renoise.song().instruments[].macros[].mappings[], _observable
  -> [read-only, array of renoise.InstrumentMacroMapping objects]

but is it really not possible to bind the pitchbend, scriptually, to a sample mapping?

found a workaround (save .xrni with the macro maps, load that)

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