[Solved] Can'T Assign Signal Follower To Track1?

Hi, I am trying to compress my bass on track 1 with the kick on 2 with the signal follower, but it says track 1 is unavailable (N/A) in the destination section?

I tried this with hydra, it allows the control signal to be sent to track 1 too, but I failed to get any compression effect with hydra + gainer I could only get a constant volume attenuation by lowering the min value in Hydra.

as written in the manual, the signal follower cannot be linked to tracks which are “on the left” of the device, thus the “N/A” you see. it’s a limitation we are forced to for technical reasons, but you can still drag and drop track2 on the left of track1 and solve the issue

Ah thanks!

Technical reasons. I imagine the tracks are processed in order from left to right, it would probably require a large rewrite of structural code to circumvent.

It is related to the harvest-methodology of the audio-signal chains.

Observe these chains:

~Track1 Audio-signal cycle~ -> master device -> delay -> reverb -> dBlue glitch.
~Track2 Audio-signal cycle~ -> master device -> lfo -> [signal follower device] -> filter 3.
~Track3 Audio-signal cycle~ -> master device -> Bus compressor -> Cabinet simulator -> Scream filter.

As soon as the audio signal reaches the signal follower device, the master device and lfo device of the current track both have already been processed the audio signal.
The same counts for all the devices in the previous track:the audio for this track already has been completely processed and mixed in the output-chain. Each note-instantiation, the signal is being reprocessed.
If you change a parameter of the LFO device or master device, they will not be applied instantly, but during the next audio cycle. (next note instanciation). And on what type of signal do they respond:processed or unprocessed?
All these matters are far from comprehensive. Whatever device and devices on next tracks follows the signal follower device has not touched the audio signal yet so all changes made to those device parameters are in that case “realtime” and not “delayed”.

Even if you do understand the above consequence, you don’t want to make your brain suffer on how you would configure a signal follower device to make it work on changing previous device parameters for the correct audio-cycle. You would in the end simply stuff the signal follower on the start of each track anyway because that remains the most simple way to get things done in the chronological order that also visually matches your logic thinking.

So that’s why the device has been limited this way to actually give you this sign to use it under the conditions it works best. Without having to think too much.

So fixing this would need to rearrange processing order to first go through modulation cycles and then audio cycles for all tracks?

Let me say that there is nothing “broken” in this case so we’re speaking of a solution to get around the limitation.
The only solution i can think of is that if applicable:previous tracks automatically get swapped with the current one containing the SF device pointing backwards or the SF device is shifted in front of the controlled previous effect without you having to do this manually. Automating this rearrangement visually however can work confusing and perhaps not everyone is happy tracks are being swapped in order visually. However for the sake of bugsolving, this is necessary.
Changing track id’s in the background without the visual change can also cause other confusions and timing issues with other crosstrack routing devices because also those are being influenced by this change.