[Solved] Can't Hear Samples In Tracks

Hi there !

I’m running the demo version if renoise under ubuntu 10.04 64bits without Jack.

I can ear the samples when clicking on them in the sample browser. I can ear the metronome when playing the pattern (space bar).

However I can’t ear the samples I inserted into a track (the note is D-500 or C-400).

This is my first try with renoise. I just asked for a new song, everything is default settings (default volume -not zero-, track not muted, etc …).

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers !

oi, have you actually loaded the sample as an instrument? (double clicked it)

do you hear anything if you press keys (z for example) on your keyboard?

weel, I did not …

now I did but still can’t ear. Guess I need to study the tutorial a bit more …

In any case, thanks.

SOLVED ! it appears that the VEL->VOL button is ON by default. This does not help.


What “VEL->VOL” button are you referring to? Either way I doubt it’s on by default since I have never run into this problem (Ubuntu 10.04 without Jack in fact).

VEl>Vol should be on by default. It means the velocity you play at defines how loud the sample plays. Default for the computer keyboard should be either – or 7F, IE maximum volume. Maybe you’re default keyboard velocity somehow got changed to a low figure so you couldn’t hear output?


Specifically the Velocity Value section.

Yes, indeed. My velocity value was set to zero. Changing it solved the problem.

Many thanks !