[solved] Can't map CC encoders in Duplex

Hi, I’m trying to put together a Duplex configuration for my Akai MPC Key 25, mainly by cribbing from the APC20 files.

I’ve successfully mapped some of the buttons (which send note on/off) but I can’t get the rotary encoders working.

Observations so far:

  • The Duplex dials successfully sync with Renoise (track 1-8 level)
  • Duplex dumps the expected CC commands to the console
  • MIDI mapping the encoders manually works fine

My code is here: https://github.com/johnelse/Akai-APCKEY25

Any pointers greatly appreciated!

You mean, they are not working when you receive from the actual APC?

Because everything seems to work fine with the on-screen version.

I noticed that the control-map explicitly states that CC messages are transmitted on channel 1.

<Param value="CC#30|Ch1" type="dial" name="Encoder #1" maximum="127" minimum="0"/>

Perhaps leave out the channel part? This will make Duplex receive on any channel.

<Param value="CC#30" type="dial" name="Encoder #1" maximum="127" minimum="0"/>

Finally figured it out! I was specifying the CC numbers in hex in the control map - after switching to decimal it all works fine.

Cheers for taking a look (and for all your great work on Duplex!)