[solved] Can't monitor what I record via ReWire

I must be doing something wrong:

  • I started Renoise, using Asio
  • added a Rewire input input device on track 1 and selected reason
  • it works, I can play and hear it

And the problem is, now i have two options for recording that don’t help me:

  • select “No FX” and record. it will record silence, but i hear what should be recorded.
  • select “Track 01” and record. it records, but i can’t hear what it records.

‘Record dry’ check-box doesn’t change it.

Yesterday it worked to record something at all, but now it’s broken. Yesterday the minor disadvantage was that I was not able to record dry and listen to dry+wet, but that was actually enough to work with.

The speaker button on the top left is to toggle the monitoring function (hear what you record or just watch the vu meters dance from left to right in silence).


:D thanks vV

i’m a bit braindead these days