[solved] Caps Lock Problem with Lenovo Thinkpads

Because Lenovo has software that interprets the caps lock key, it only sends a caps lock message to programs when you toggle on caps lock, but when you toggle it off, it toggles off and on as normal, but it doesn’t send a note OFF to Renoise if it’s toggling caps lock off. I could just double tap caps lock everytime I need a note off, but I’d rather fix the problem and only have to press it once like you would normally, simply, be able to do. Anyone else run into/fix this problem? I don’t know specifically which software is controlling it to uninstall or change it, I already checked the On-Screen Display settings (the volume up/down, mute, brightness, etc icons that pop up when you press the corresponding media key), and couldn’t find anything about the actual messages being processed. Please help :\

Did you try to enable the “Double Caps Lock Workaround” in the Keyboard Preferences?

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(YEESSS, thank you :smiley: and sorry for the noob question lol)