[Solved] Changes Made In One Pattern Changes All Patterns


i’m chopping a break here, and i have 2 patterns. say the notes in pattern 1 are A, F, D#. If I change D# to C in pattern 2, it also changes this in pattern 1.

and i also notice that when i hit ‘new pattern’ it clones a pattern instead?

should i just redownload 2.6 again?

lol sorry if this questions sounds foolish.

i tried to see if i could re-create this,but i cant,all seems to work as it should at my place?

do you mean when you rightclick in the matrix,go to sequence and choose insert new pattern??
if thats what you mean,then i also cant re-create this,here i get a empty new pattern as intended??


yeah it’s bizarre.

here are some screenshots just to show the problem

This behaviour is perfectly fine. The “+” button adds the same pattern again and allows you to repeat or reuse sections. A song sequence could be for example pattern 0123,0123. Now let’s say i want another mini bridge in pattern 8 (the second 3), leftclick the pattern to mark it, rightlick then and select “Make Unique”. Now we have 0123,0124 and any changes you make will be not reflected in pattern 3.

This is how Renoise have always worked. Pattern are clips. You can re-use the same pattern multiple times in a song, and any changes to the pattern will be reflected through-out the song.

You need to clone the pattern in order to make the pattern unique.

you know he meant when he clicks new pattern,in hes case it just clones the pattern,it doesent add a new empty pattern


Don’t get hung up on the words “clone”, “copy” or whatever. Just look at the numbers.


That’s four times the pattern 0


Two times 0, two times 2


Four different patterns.

Whenever you change pattern 0, all pattern 0 will change. Work from that premise and you’ll figure it out.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

oh boy…

sorry folks :)

ahh yes didnt took notice of the numbers in the posted images :wacko: