[solved] Channel Audio Dropping Out?

Sometimes there’s a channel playing and after a couple of seconds, its sound just drops out. I think it’s related to the sound’s frequency like eg there’s a filter sweep going on and the freqs get too high (or low) and Renoise can’t cope with this anymore (just before the drop-out the sound gets more and more distorted). Sometimes even hitting the Panic button doesn’t bring the track back anymore, only a reloading of the xrns.

Btw, is there a crash/bug report file being created everytime Renoise crashes due to a bug?

This is under XP Pro SP2.

Doesn’t sound like a bug. It sounds more like you have Auto-Gain turned on.

  • Click the Track DSPs tab.
  • Click the Mixer Tab.
  • Double Click the Master Track.
  • On the right of the DSP chain, is AUTO GAIN turned on? If so, turn it off.

Optionally, the big button to the right of the volume bar in the upper left is the same switch.

I found it, it was a VST plugin that can only handle a 44100Hz sample rate.
Not a Renoise bug at all, then.

Woo hoo! :)