[solved] Combine Every 2 Tracks Into A Single Track...


So, imagine you get sent a track by your friend for a collab…

He has made each pattern a 64.

You want work in 128, and so does he, once you suggest it.

Is there a way to combine every 2 patterns together, if the song your friend has made is at the same LPB and BPM…

Like this…


Any ideas?

You can do this manually. Select the two patterns you want to merge in the sequencer and select “Join selection” from the context menu.

Did it


Probably knew how to do that years ago.

Getting old.

Thanks again.

So you can join two patterns. Are you also able to do the reversed, to split 1 pattern to two?
For example; I rather work in 128 lines, and someone gives me an xrns with patterns of 256 lines. Can I split them as easy as I can join them?

not in a trivial way. I hope this feature will be added soon

Would be so awesome.

Also, that you’re able to choose an amount of lines above 512 and put in a time (like 5 mins on that certain bpm). Makes it easier to record live piano work (or any kind of midi controller stuff). And after you’re done with recording, you can split that huge pattern up to smaller patterns of 128 each. ^^

Would make stuff easier. May seem not an advantage for some people, but for people who record gigantic piano stuff (like me) it really is. :P

Now I always make a whole bunch of patterns, but it’s not the best workflow I think.