solved: copy/paste for plugin parameter settings for transfering


currently it’s verylaborious to transfer a setting from one plugin instance to another, using “export preset” and “import presets”.

There are various situations where simply doubling the instance (to copy the settings) will lead into annoying reconnection work.

For example: I use a eq in a doofer and have another eq somewhere else which has the curve, I want to have in the eq in the doofer.

If there were two more options in the preset menu called “copy” and “paste”, it would help lots. you could also then share presets using xml.

Thanks for considering.

Right-click the first device’s name (or some other non-essential part of its GUI, not the preset selector), then choose Copy Settings.

Right-click the second device in the same manner, then choose Paste Settings.

Alternatively, give focus to device 1 and hit Ctrl+C to copy settings, then give focus to device 2 and hit Ctrl+Shift+V to paste settings.

wow cool, thx!

…Maybe move copy paste to the presets menu?