[Solved] Copy & Paste Volume/Panning Automatically In A Column ?

Hi Renoisers & Renoise Team,

I would like to know if it is possible for applying the volume+panning from a note towards the other notes in the column ? For instance in the column on the pattern :

1°) 1st note : C-500 40 80 (Volume = 40 & Panning = Right).
2°) 2nd note & others : D-500 (Volume & Panning as default).
3°) Select the 1st note.
4°) Copy the 1st note.
5°) Select the column entirely.
6°) Apply volume+panning from 1st note towards 2nd note & others.

Thank you for your help,


PS : sorry for my bad English…

something similar to this can be done using the “paste continuously” function:

  • use Content Mask to select only volume and panning
  • copy the note
  • use LCTRL+P to paste the data from the current point until the end of the pattern

something you can do to limit the pasting operation to a certain line number is to temporarily reduce the pattern length, paste the data and increase the length back to original (the data will be preserved)

what you are asking is something very specific and I doubt it would be implemented as you ask it. Of course, this is something which could be implemented by a smart user using scripting.

Hi It-Alien,

Yes ! It is working but I prefer using “ALT+F4” & “ALT+F5” for copying the block who gets only Volume & Panning.

Thank you for your help !



That should also work with the content mask. You don’t have to push the copy/paste buttons in the AE menu to get that working.