[Solved] Crash on startup - Mac OSx Yosemite

Everything has been working fine since I upgraded to Yosemite but today out of the blue Renoise started crashing on startup.

The splash screen pops up and it goes through the usual launch routine, then Renoise pops up in the background, then the status says starting graphic subsystem and then it terminates… I managed to get a screenshot of this before it crashes which is attached. Also attached the log file from /Library/logs but I can’t find a crashlog file anywhere ( actually I can’t attach the log file so get it here:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4211304/Renoise.log )

Bit confused as to why this is happening as I haven’t changed anything on my system (other than upgrading to Yosemite but it was working fine after that anyway). I’ve tried it on v3 and 3.01 and getting the same problem.

The log shows that it’s crashing immediately after trying to load the WavesShell 9.1 VST.

Have you tried to temporarily remove/disable your VSTs to see if that stops the crashing?

Thanks dblue, that fixed it.

WavesShell was the culprit, patched it and now all is good again.