[Solved] Crash/Reboot When Choosing Asio

I just installed b6, b5 worked fine. installing went allright, but when I open the program I get a warning

failed to parse the xml-file.


I can open songs if I use directsound, but when I choose asio in the preference audio tab, my pc has to startup again.
I tried it 3 times installed it 3 times with different downloads, 3 times it crashed again.

That strange stuff happens after a crash is unfortunately nothing we can avoid - anything can happen after such a crash. But why does it crash at all? Which ASIO driver is are you using, which soundcard? Does it work in other application and did it worked in previous Renoise versions?

If your computer really simply restarts after selecting ASIO, it also looks like somethings going terribly wrong in the driver. Renoise can not cause such things, only drivers can.

Have you already tried updating, reinstalling it?

thanks for the quick answer, but what it wrong with the xml file?

I will download the audio driver (tc-electronics konnekt) and will reinstall it, it could sure be the driver, for I only use it for a couple of months now.

Thanks for the advise

Do you only once got this warning or do you get it always? If you once got it, then this was a sideeffect of the reboot/crash.
If you always get it now, maybe the reboot has broken the file, file system. Try deleting the file or doing a scandisk repair of the drive.

sorry for the slow reply, been on holiday.

I installed the driver from the soundcard I used to have again, and uninstalled it. after that I installed the driver of my new soundcard, and now it works fine.

I think the uninstall of the soundcard I used to have didn’t go well.

No problems with the new soundcard anymore…

thanks for kicking me in the right direction, and sorry for blaming renoise ( it’s a damn shame)