[Solved] Cut-Copy-Paste Device ?

Hi Renoise Team,

I can cut-copy-past the Devices using the option with the mouse. But it doesn’t work with the “CTRL+X”, “CTRL+C” and “CTRL+V” keyshorts, why ?

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an interesting reading

he means “doesnt work” i guess!

You need to focus the dsp window with middle click for the keyboard shortcuts to work.

It’s not a bug that they don’t work. Apparently your Keyboard focus was not set correctly but some of the short cuts work only when you have your focus set right. So in this case you need to set the focus to a tracks DSP Chain.

Closer on this topic: Keyboard focus Concept


You need to focus the dsp window with middle click for the keyboard shortcuts to work.

Yes : it works but… Could Renoise Team add the option following :

Option “Focus : Active/Not Active” : if “Focus” isn’t activated, when I click on a DSP Window with a single left click mouse, I can use directly my keyboard shortcuts for Cut-Copy-Past Device. Samples/Instruments Windows : idem.

Is this possible for the next version of Renoise ?

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View > Lock Keyboard Focus

Disable this option. This allows the focus to change automatically whenever you click on something, instead of doing it ‘manually’ with middle button or a shortcut.

(This is all mentioned in the link that eeter kindly provided for you, which it seems that you did not spend much time reading)

Hi dblue,

Cool !!! Yes, it works et I prefer working in Renoise disabling “Lock Keyboard Focus” :)

Thank you Renoise Team !


It really shows you need to invest some time to read the manual if a new version of Renoise has been released…
Then you can also find out what has changed.

Hi vV,

I already read the update manual of Renoise v2.50. The last years, I answered several times a traduction in french version of manual’s Renoise. The words in english about music are very technics ! For instance here, I don’t understand the word “focus”.

Thank you for this forum, your help me in the music’s World of Renoise :slight_smile:



Yes, if your current level of English is not too wealthy, one can indeed get lost in the paragraphs.
The other translations of the manual have been discontinued due to too much inactivity.
So far there has been enough enthousiasm to start a translation but there never has been enough to finish one.
The new wiki is being maintained by more people now.