[solved] CVPiano VST Plugin Issue

Hi all,

I attempted to use the CVPiano vst plugin by Tascam, however, no sound is being played when pressing any keys.

[The following are the details]
OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
Soundcard (not sure if it’s necessary, but just in case): Xonar Essence STX
Procedure Taken:

  1. Installed the “CVPiano-GVI-Modeled_Setup.exe” through “Run as administrator” (was not sure if this was necessary to do since I want to use CVPiano as a vst plugin with Renoise, but did it just in case).
  2. Placed the “CVPiano-GVI-Modeled.dll” file from the “plugin” folder, into the VST Plugins folder I have Renoise scanning.
  3. Load Renoise.
  4. Confirm that Renoise successfully initializes the vst plugin.
  5. Go to the “Instrument Settings” tab and select “CVPiano GVI Modeled” as my vst plugin to use.
  6. Enter keys in attempt to play notes.

No sound is played back.

  • When taking the above procedure, no errors are displayed, and Renoise seems to detect the CVPiano vst plugin properly, but it just does not produce any sounds.
  • In Edit Mode upon Renoise, the key input appears to be registered, however, again, no sound.
  • I have also selected the “Ext. Editor” and tried playing the keys with the mouse manually, but no sound was played back.
  • All of my other vst plugins work fine.
  • The standalone version of CVPiano works fine, and plays back the entered key notes properly.

Any help is much appreciated.


First of all, I must say that, it seems an old abandoned software, so there is no guarantee that it works in your system.
But I found it on the net (please download at your own risk) and installed, and it works fine in my system (win Vista 32bit) with Renoise.

Some thoughts by reading your post;

  • Before I install the “CVPiano-GVI-Modeled_Setup.exe”, I set “Win XP compatible mode” and “Run as admin option” on it’s property in the right-click context menu, then installed it. (I’m not sure whether they are really necessary though)
  • I appointed my plugin folder during installation.
  • I admitted the installation of the Syncrosoft driver during installation.

So maybe it’s worth to try reinstalling, and also try Renoise 32bit version.

Well, reading some comments on the download page above, someone says “works fine!” and others say “fail to install” or “it crashes”. So I feel if this plugin works, it’s just lucky and no more… :rolleyes:

Weird, I’m running Windows 7 32-bit, and had the same problem with it…

May I suggest this free VST as a substitute?

I’m familiar with this problem myself. You need to give the plugin a little push:
Just open the plugin its edit window after instantiation and wait for the sample library to have been fully loaded (look at the progress meter at the right down below).
Once this is done, you will be able to hear notes when you play them.

Don’t worry when you are saving configurations with your song, when you reload your song, the plugin is populated with the sample library automatically and the song will play fine without having to open the plugin its editor.
It is only after a fresh instantiation you have to do this.

If the plugin still doesn’t produce audible notes, go to the most right drop-down button column in the plugin its editor where it says “Out x,y” or “FX 1,2”. Make sure it is set to either Out or FX 1,2 also make sure the most left selection dropdown says something like “CVPiano normal”. If all of them say “click to load…” then you have to select one of the sample library its options in the top first one (click it, then click load in the expansion menu and select a configuration). It comes with four library configurations where Normal is the first one. Each figure on the left of the line represents the midi-channel the preset is listening to.

Or, maybe, like me, you forgot to run the setup program.

I feel so dumb now.

Ok, apparently allll I needed to do was change the drop down on the right of the Ext Editor to Out 1,2 (initially at FX 1,2).
And now, works like magic.

Thank you!

Thank you for the suggestion. I am actually have been using this, just wanted to check out how CVPiano is since I heard it’s great.

Ah, I see. I was doing the same thing actually, I only just got it working today :P Now that I’ve used both, I have to say that they’re both equally good, although they do have their own shortcomings. CV definitely has a ‘sharper’ sound to it, and One is more mellow.

Fx 1,2 means the output goes through its internal fx chain first. If that one isn’t properly configured (like you have selected mic setups that didn’t come with the free version) or turned on, you won’t be hearing anything else either.