[Solved] Default Pattern Length ?

Hi Renoise Team,

My default pattern length is : 128. For instance, I want to create only 10 patterns with a pattern length : 64. For instance :

1°) Pattern 00 : 128.
2°) Pattern 01 : 64.
3°) I insert a new pattern to the sequence : Pattern 02.
4°) In the pattern 02, length pattern is 128 (default pattern length). Why ? I want to insert a new pattern and I don’t understand why the length pattern 2 isn’t the same that the previous pattern (64).

Can you fix this in the next version ?

Thank you,


because 128 is the default pattern length, so any newly created empty pattern will be of the default pattern length, any other behaviour would not be consistent with the concept of “default length”

if you want to create a pattern with the same length as the previous in the sequence, use the “clone” function: leftclick on the pattern number, then rightclick it and choose “clone”. If you want to delete pattern data inside the nwe pattern, press LCTRL+F3 to cut data out.

edit: you can also easily clone a pattern using LCTRL+K when focus is on the pattern editor

Hi It-Alien,

you can also easily clone a pattern using LCTRL+K when focus is on the pattern editor

Yes, it works very good !

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There also is a “default pattern length” option hidden in the song settings tab, which obviously no one finds and uses because its under the highlighting settings -> http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Song_Settings#Pattern.2FSequence_Highlighting

Perhaps time to move it to some place more logical then?

Is it me or other than the groove settings, the song settings content can be better divided across the preferences? It is not like you have to be there often, right?

Player options(as wel as template song) in the Preferences/Plug/Misc tab,
Pattern/Seq highlighting would fit in the preferences/gui tab,

I’d put in the Groove settings in the master channels Track/Dsp’s track.

This would alleviate the need for a Song settings tab altogether. But maybe people with other workflows think the opposite :)

Some of these settings are written with the song, hence song settings.

Exactly. All of them…

Maybe so, doesn’t stop it from looking kind of a random selection imo.

Me as a user sees a kind of redundant tab that doesn’t really fit in there. You set these things up once (besides the groove settings maybe) and are good to go for some time before needing to change any of the settings (for example: 09 mode or pitch mode could easily be in the preferences).