[SOLVED] Defining Two Local "Functions" For Message Showing

Hi, I’m trying to get this jumble working:

local currentsongpath = (renoise.app().current_song)  
local logpath = (renoise.app().log_filename)  
 renoise.app():show_message("Your Renoise.Log location is: " .. logpath .. " Your song location is: " .. currentsongpath .. " Thank you!" )  

I can get the logpath showing, but if I try to “define two local names” , it doesn’t work. Is this just a case of me usign renoise.app().current_song in the wrong way, or? I tried to put a , or a ; before the next local line, but just couldn’t get it working.

I think you’re just missing the file_name property of renoise.app().current_song ?

Try this:

local currentsongpath = renoise.app().current_song.file_name  
local logpath = renoise.app().log_filename  
renoise.app():show_message("Your Renoise.Log location is:\n" .. logpath .. "\n\nYour song location is:\n" .. currentsongpath .. "\n\nThank you!" )  
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Yes, that was exactly what I was missing. Thanks for the \n clarification too. You’re a gem!

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