[solved] Delete Folder Failed in Disbrowser


What if you would rename " _audio resource" to “_audio_resource”?
(no open space)

con? didn’t that stand for console aeons ago?

Anyway, confirmed under XP: I can create the folder, but not delete it from within Renoise.

Tried it just for fun with “nul” - same result, although with a different error message.

I don’t know any other reserved words off the top of my head, but maybe there are more.

indeed you cannot even create a new folder named “con” or “nul” under Windows. This is a known Windows bug since ages and it’s due to these (anf others) being reserved words (virtual devices).

nothing Renoise can fix.

At least Renoise could not create 'em???

just try it, with both NUL and CON. Or actually, don’t, because then you’re stuck with these folders :D


md \\.\\c:\con  
rd \\.\\c:\con  

hah what ?? crazy windows <_< never knew about that.

well… that explains it then. funny i had to choose one of the few words that apparently is restricted !!

but, that doesn’t explain why i cant delete songs in that folder, or does it ?

yes, it does explain that: the folder is seen as a peripheral, so it’s like you were trying to delete a printer, for example.

just try doing something like this directly in Windows Explorer…