[Solved] Delete Insert Rows In A Column Via Keyboard

I tried to find a key for it but couldn’t find it, not sure if someone has done a tool for it either.
Anyway, I would like to be able to delete insert notes in a column.

Eg. let say you have something like this in the same track.

01 C#4------
02 —E#4—
03 ------G#4

Now you can move E#4 and G#4 to the same row by using the mouse.
But it takes alot of time and requires you to highlight the area and then move it.
You can’t (AFAIK) in one motion just move the notes around.
So what would be really nice would be something like SHIFT+Backspace to remove/move the column you’re in.
And e.g. SHIFT+Insert to insert a row in the column.

If it’s possible to do via keyboard today I would be happy if someone could tell me how :)

there is surely no keyboard shortcut to do this, and I don’t think someone has done a tool yet for this

Holding lshift + lctrl/lcmd and then insert/delete, is what does this.

It works!
Thanks vV.

sorry, I didn’t get what you meant: I thought you wanted to move a note from a column to another with a single shortcut