[Solved]Dropped midi notes when playing the same note rapidly

Ok so here’s what’s happening: I play a single note rapidly. Some of the note presses just don’t make a sound, and it almost seems to have a pattern to where it doesn’t sound. It happens if I play on a midi controller (3 different ones) and also when I just use the computer keyboard. When I record, it seems to record all the presses regardless of whether they sound off or not, and of course it sounds fine on playback, but while recording I can’t hear it the way it’s being played.

It also does it if I alternate on 2 different notes. But if I like, roll across 5 notes really fast, it sounds all of the notes fine. So the same note has to be repeated fairly quickly for the “drop” to occur.

Just to make sure I have tried this with multiple VSTs and sample instruments and I get the same thing. I also tried to duplicate the issue in Reaper, but Reaper seems to sound every note just fine.

Any ideas?

does this happen when triggering the notes while a song is being played, or does this happen even when no song is being played?

in the first case, could you try if raising the number of lines per beat improves the situation?

It happens when the song is not being played.

edit: Also, I just noticed that this does not occur on the install I have on my little netbook I renoise with on my lunch break.

Fixed it. The latency slider thingy for my audio interface was set to maximum latency for some reason.