[Solved] Duplex & Linux

I’ll check out Renoise with Duplex under Linux. At the Moment I have a dualboot Win/Kubuntu. Renoise connects to my controllers (BCR2000 and microKONTROL) and I could create a regular MIDI map for example. I got Duplex installed, too. I selected my controllers, but It won’t work. It seems to be that theres no connection.

Somebody with a idea out there? Thanx4help!

Duplex comes with presets for the BCR2000 yes, but the default port might not be right.
Have you tried opening the Duplex Browser > Settings and check the input and output port names?

This port value can be specified per device configuration, so you might have to set it for each configuration.
But once it’s set, your choice will be remembered between sessions.

Alternatively, you can debug the device by choosing “Dump MIDI to console” and then open the scripting console in Renoise

Great! I didn’t have expected that it’s that easy to fix :w00t: Thanx :guitar: