[Solved] Echoboy Plugin Problems

Dear Helping people,

I’m noticing some problems when i use echoboy in renoise.
Somehow the delay stops. most of the time at the end of a pattern.
This doesn’t happen with the native delay plugin. Has somebody has else notices the same issues and how did you solve them!?

Thanks alot already

Check the plugin compatibility settings and see if it helps to disable “auto suspend plugin when silent”:

Gonna check this out if it works!
Thanks already!

Tho i’ve a little question you might also could awnser. Is there a possibility to automate the cutoff of the sampler envelope?


Internal instrument/samples of Renoise? There is currently no way to automate them.

to make sure we’re talking about the same thing.
it’s about this badboy

if this isn’t possible, they should make it possible in the next update ! :D

Yes that’s the thing and it’s been requested many, many times.


you did the trick :D!
Thanks mate!

never thought of it but a great idea it is!