[solved] 'extreme Sustain'

Hi folks

I am trying to fiddle around with the “Voodoo Child” intro riff (starts about seven seconds into the song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85zp1zVVDAQ)), where I want to sustain the last note in the riff (about 12 seconds into the song). Sustain meant, that I want the last note to continue for the rest of the bar in a static way.

I’ve tried to look around in the tutorials, but I’ve only found out how to sustain volume and such.

I hope my question makes sense, and that I’m actually asking about something which I haven’t overlooked in the manual.

On before hand, fwanks! :)

You need to make a looppoint at the desired time in the sample, using the Sample Editor.

Is the note looped in the sampler or does it really last 12 seconds?
You can always add a Sustain node in the volume envelope of the Instrument Editor and then apply a Note-off to the note after 12 seconds (that will probably be two sequence positions further away unless you work with large patterns or low bpm/lpb rates)… is this what you were looking for?

Hmm, I don’t think I explained my self properly… What I want to ‘loop’, or sustain, is the last note of the riff played from 7-12 seconds in the video. By 12 seconds, I mean that the last note of the riff is played there.

I’ll try to break the riff into wahs to primitively explain the rythm:

Waah, wah wah wah - waaah waah waaah, waaah, wah wah wah, wa-um.

Hold on tight now, what I’m trying to is to change the “-um” into a “-uuuuuuuuuuuum”.

You get me? I do know this is a kindergarden way of explaining it, but try listening to the riff while looking at my wah-notation of it.

I’m not a sound expert, so I don’t know if what I’m asking for is impossible.

I think you are intending to ask about loop sustain on the sample. Ie the loop continues to sustain until a note off is triggered and then ignores the end point causing the rest of the loop to play.
You might try using the offset (09) command or you could copy the sample, trim off the portion before the point where you want it to continue from and then trigger it after the original in place of or in tandem with the note off.

That does not work unfortunately… 09xx commands do not go beyond the loop end boundaries unfortunately.
But copying and pasting to extend is possible…

Not the 09 as well as the loop function but instead of.
Anyway, depending on the size of the loop, content of the sample etc one of those three suggestions from myself or vV should achieve what you want.


Thanks guys, the suggestions helped me out. Great help from the Renoise folks as always. :)

There is also the Thaw VST, which I find produces a smoother “sustain” effect than using loops. (http://rekkerd.org/cormac-daly-releases-thaw-v01/)

Not so smooth on drums, as you might imagine, but just about seamless on melodic sounds.