Solved - Failed to initialize the plugin...

(Mastrcode) #1


After a crash of Renoise 3.1 i can’t load the last VST anymore which was loaded and open (VPS Avenger) during the crash. If i try to load the plugin i get the message “Failed to initialize the plugin 'VST: Vengeance: VPS Avenger_x64.”
It was working fine before the crash.
Deinstalling and reinstalling both, the VST and also Renoise doesn’t solve the problem.

This just happens with Renoise 3.1. If i load the plugin in Renoise 3.0.1 all is working fine.

Windows 10 Pro
AMD FX 8350 8-core 4GHz CPU
Steinberg UR22 mkII USB audio interface
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #2

Did u already do a #rescan (incl.prev.failed plugs) in the prefs?

(Mastrcode) #3

Yes, i did. I also even deleted the cached db files and did a complete rescan. But now i solved the issue.
It seems that it was a corrupt registry entry. I manually deleted all Renoise related registry entries and then reinstalled Renoise. Now it works fine again.