[Solved] Fast slices to samples conversion

Please, add the button to easily split a loop (long sample) into separated samples buy its slices.
So, you’ll be able to slice the loop, and then convert every slice to sample for further editing.

From the manual (bold is mine):

Although you can still edit the original sample, you cannot edit the individual sample slices. However, the Loop type and all Sample Properties like volume, panning etc. can be changed per slice. A newly created slice will inherit the original sample’s properties. To destructively render an instrument’s slices into individual samples, right-click on the waveform and select “Slices > Destructively Render Slices” from the menu.

This and more can be found in the manual!! Sampler Waveform - Renoise User Manual


Oh, thank you!
I read the manual but haven’t noticed this paragraph
Moving to questions forum

Yeah it’s snuck in there. Have fun with it!

even faster if you assign a hotkey to destructively render slices…
believe mine is command+option+L

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