[Solved] Faw Circle - Authorization Problems With Renoise


I’m pretty sure that this is not the fault of Renoise but I’m experiencing authorization problems with this synth in Renoise. Circle keeps telling me that it needs to be activated although it works fine in all other hosts I use.
I’d like to ask if there are any people out there using FAW Circle? Does it work as expected in Renoise >= 2.6.0?

P.S: I already wrote FAW about this but my mail is unanswered until now.


Maybe it helps if you once start Renoise as admin, load the plugin, register it and close Renoise again.

A few plugins have problems with Windows UAC, which is fully enabled in Renoise since Version 2.5.1. “Fully enabled” means that Renoise, and thus also all its loaded plugins must be UAC aware, can not save into locations which its not allowed to save to when not running a program as admin.

D’oh! That did the trick and I thought I already tried that…must have done something wrong the first time. Thanks taktik!