[solved] File I/O error: Please make sure that there is enough space a


I was hoping using Renoise 3.0.1 would fix the memory issues…

My system:


Should be enough huh ? :wink:

memory issues

Which memory issues are you referring to exactly?

Should be enough huh ?

Enough to do what exactly? To create a typical song with a few samples and plugins? To record and edit several hours of audio? To do something else?

The error message seems to mention a lack of space on your disk drive, not in your system memory. How much free space is on your disk(s)?

What exactly are you trying to save? Can you give some more details?

OMFG I’m such a dumbass. I converted a LOT of mp3’s the other day to WAV. and i forgot how much space I had left!!
i truly apologise for me being such an idiot Kieran…
you can delete this thread if you’ll like.

i truly apologise

No apology needed. Happens to the best of us :slight_smile: