[solved] Font Sizes problems (...Skin\\\\Fonts&#09

Configuring theFontSizes in rute: “C\Program Files\Renoise 3.1.0\Resources\Skin\Fonts\Config.xml”,I have tried to increase the size toRenoise 3.0.1 b2 look better on screen of 1920x1080 pixels.

What happens

What happens is that the text is out of the boxes.

I put three examples in ZIP** file **** attached**:6093 fonts size - 1920x1080 resolution.zip

Possible improvement

Is there any wayto improvea littlethis? Even a temporary solution.That the box engages the size of text,at least make it look good in configuration 2.Even somebuttons disappear.

I use a screen of 1920x1080 pixels. But users who have a higher resolution screen will have many problems with the font size.I’ve seen in the forum many people complain about this issue.

While this is definitely a bit annoying, it’s not really a “bug” in the usual sense.

The GUI simply isn’t flexible enough to handle all possible font sizes. Almost all of the graphical components have been designed with fixed dimensions in mind, so they will not automatically expand to accommodate vastly different sizes.

A more flexible system may indeed be necessary going into the future, but it’s a fairly huge amount of work to undertake. So for now this is simply the way it is.

I know the problem and know it’s not a bug, but depends on the design.What I propose is only slightly adjust some things.

Could you adjust some details?For example, in the preferences panel. I see a very narrow panel.

For example, in the preferences panel. I see a very narrow panel.

The preferences panel could of course be made slightly wider, but would that really solve anything truly important? There would still be many other parts of Renoise that look broken and incorrectly sized.

Even at the modest font size of 12, your screenshot clearly shows text being cut off in other places, buttons becoming difficult to read, and so on. At size 18 it’s ugly as hell and basically unusable.

So this is unfortunately a bigger general problem that needs to be solved properly, imho, rather than simply tweaking one or two elements for a quick fix.

Thanks!Yes, it would be great overall improvement. I think exactly like you.

Solve this would be a big step in a new version.It’s a shame Renoise 3have to maintain this.Increasingly there are more users with large screens (2k, 4k, highwidescreen).

I suppose this problem will be resolved at some point.