[solved] Ghost Input on OSX (Stuck Tab key)

For some Reason, when I load Renoise, I am experiencing ghost input. This just started happening and is happening randomly. Currently the program is switching very rapidly between tracks as if I am holding down the “TAB” key. When closing Renoise or whilst having it open, the other programs are fine.

I’ve made a video demonstrating this.

I haven’t touched the keyboard and my usb midi controller is unplugged.


EDIT: So I loaded up the last stable release of Renoise and the same thing happened. I’ve restarted my mac and now everything is fine. Guess this isn’t a bug after all but something with my system.

It looks like a hardware problem,of keyboard.That will not happen with other applications?

In an old keyboard I passed something similar but when you stop pressing a key, it continued to issue the order.key sensor would humidity or to contact when he should not.I changed the keyboard and case solved.