[solved] Guitar amplifying sounds unreal under Renoise

Let’s say i’ve loaded an unprocessed electric guitar sample library or plugged in my own Fender.
With practically any preset or tweaked set of guitar amp sims, output sound is like as if it were coming from a can, not an amp.
The tone simply doesnt have any punch and sounds somewhat metallic, especially in midrange.
Tried over every possible permutations of sampling rate, outputs AKA ASIO and Direct audio during playback and rendering, fiddled with EQing, …nothing helped.

Every now and then when i’ve checked the tones others made on Youtube or Dailymotion with the same amp sims, it was clear i was doing something wrong, although had no idea where.
One day outta the blue i was wondering if it sounds different in an other DAW…and it did.
Loaded the very same guitar sample library and amp preset in FLStudio and it sounded just as it meant to be. First attempt.
I have to repeat: two identical DSP chains sounded totally different in two different DAWs which was configured the same way, same outputs, same sampling rate, everything.

Any idea why? Sound card? Driver? Sampling algorhytm within Renoise? Inproper signal routing? Or I’m just not aware of something?
Soon I will upload two MP3s rendered in Renoise and FLS in order to provide exact samples of the issue.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Ade :guitar:/>/>

It might not be the answer but I’m aware there are some considerations with pre / post fader FX in Renoise which I haven’t noticed in other environments, particularly on distortion / dynamics / gain DSPs. Are you using the amps sims post-fader?

You tried to set the mastertrack headroom to 0db instead of keeping it on 6 db?

Distinct yes to both of Mr Rex’s and Mr vV’s hints, adding there isn’t a single knob or button I haven’t tried in the amp sims.
Upon experimenting today I’ve noticed a few other things as well:

1.) Dry samples SLIGHTLY sound different in Renoise and in FLStudio
2.) Dry samples playbacked+then rendered in FLStudio, post-amplified in Renoise almost sounded like the desired tone.
3.) Dry samples playbacked+then rendered in Renoise, post-amplified in FLStudio sounded like can-metal still.

Any further clues?

Which exact guitar sample library do you use? Which exact amp preset?

You’re referring to the DSP chain within the sample library itself? Or a DSP chain within Renoise, FLStudio, etc?

Please upload uncompressed .WAV or .FLAC if you can. This will avoid any possible discrepancies/artifacts from the MP3 encoding.

Can you be a bit more precise with your description here? Exactly how is it different?

Could you render it dry from Renoise, and dry from FL Studio, and also provide those .WAV files for comparison?

Based on other similar discussions in the past, where people have mentioned differences between Renoise and other DAWs when playing dry sounds, I would almost bet money on this just being a simple difference in volume somewhere. As vV mentioned, Renoise has a default -6dB track headroom, and this has caught out so many other people in the past.

Sort of awkward to admit, but it was indeed a volume-based issue due to sample playback volume differencies between the two DAWs.

My apologies for bothering, i’ve really should have known after so much time spent with experimenting

Problem solved, thank you for your patience, gents

For the sake of record, I’ve used ShreddageX doubletracked, outputs routed to track 1 and 2, used two instances of Kuassa AmplifikationOne
panned left [Mid Distortion Rock] and right [Heavy Gain R] and applied built-in Reverb in both DAWs.
Upon comparison it turned out it was volume-based issue with the dry-sample volume differencies indeed.
After i’ve exported the score as mid in FLStudio and imported it in Renoise it sounded as it was intended thus its likely I wasn’t precise with the velocity either.

Respect man, I have a lot of time for clearly knowledgeable people who can concede when they have made a brief oversight. Have done the same many times myself!

PS. Welcome and look forward to hearing your tunes! :yeah:/>