[solved] Help With Jack, Linux Renoise, And Audacity

hi, so i’m still using the demo and slowly learning, I use renoise in linux the planetCCRMA distro (the fedora 10 one, as it works correctly on my older spec hardware)

so last night and today i have been trying to use jack for the first time, i got it working if i disable transport support (with it on, renoise skips the first line).

so the next thing i wanted to do was set it up so i could transport individual tracks into ardour and audacity. the linux demo has the capability and i think i have correctly setup jack for the number of outputs i need and then send tracks to the respective output in renoise, but the problem comes when i am trying to record, say in audacity, all the tracks and everything show up and everything seems to work but there is only about 1.8 secs of sound recorded everytime i try it.

so i have 3 tracks playing in renoise, hit record in audacity, 3 tracks appear to be recording fine but 1.8 secs into no more audio is recorded, the sound is still playing i can hear it, but nothing more is recorded.

i’m stuck trying to figure out where the problem is. any ideas?

I hope the response is more then “buy renoise slacker.” respectfully, i think this is one of, if not, the best audio program i have worked with, and i see myself getting it before the year is out. even with render to wav, i think this method of doing all the tracks at once into audacity could be productive for my work flow which at the time being does include work outside renoise

thanks for any advice

spent a little time on the audacity forums this morning and discovered it was an issue that other people were having with recording in audacity, needed to change the settings a little, basically for me i needed to increase the project sample rate for 44 to 48

now it works :)

Did it end up being an issue with Audacity, or your hardware with Jack?

it was an issue with audacity, setting the sample rate in audacity from 44 to 48 solved it.

i’m using audacity 1.3.7 not sure if that matters.